names Peepometer by swackett one of “15 weather apps for iPad”

Peepometer is an app to be admired— even if you don’t care for its unique interface— because it successfully reimagines the presentation of weather information on the iPad.

The app’s star is its retro-inspired layout that arranges weather information around porthole-inspired windows with graphical, weather-related information. Like its iPhone cousin Swackett, Peepometer illustrates the weather via outfits on stick figure-like “Peeps” and includes various easter eggs throughout the app that can be found by touching and moving various elements.

The app also includes detailed weather information such as barometer, wind, compass, a map and a week’s worth of forecast. Honestly, the only reason Peepometer isn’t essential is that its quirkiness may not appeal to everyone looking for a basic weather app, and, unlike its iPhone counterpart, it’s not free.

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