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swackett version 2.0 is coming. Soon more people than ever will be looking to swackett people symbols (peeps) to help them visualize what clothes to wear based on current weather conditions.  

swackett peeps always appear wearing smart, weather appropriate ensembles — a visual weather report at a glance. Imagine your brand exposed to millions of people as they check their local weather forecast daily. If the viewer likes what they see, they can touch to visit your web site, launch your mobile app, or buy your product.

swackett is a new, fun, unique and effective way to immerse people in your brand on a daily basis.

swackett Peeps appear in visual weather reports more than 30 million times each month — in swackett apps for Mac, iPhone, iPad, Android and on the web. Your brand can be featured in specific markets around the world as people check their local weather forecast each and every day with swackett.

swackett Peeps always appear appropriately dressed for the weather — and can also appear wearing your custom clothing, your custom logo or brand.

We can promote your brand, identity or logo on existing swackett clothing, create specific clothing just for you, or peepify your existing clothing lines. We can insert your product or logo into clothing, activities and background scenery.

swackett apps represent a new, unique and innovative way to promote your brand in the digital realm. And they are perfect for major brands, clothing lines, schools or your organization.

Creating Your Peeps

We can do the work for you — or we can provide you with a private login to build and manage clothing line (and smart ensembles) yourself. Our Peep Editor enables you to manage ever detail of your custom assets over time.  You can ad artwork, create clothing ensembles, and assign weather conditions to each article of clothing.

Sharing Your Peeps

Custom Peep Packs each come with a complementary swackett EMBED license, enabling you to embed your custom swackett peeps in your own web sites — or enable your fans to embed them in their own web sites..

School Districts

Do you represent a public school district?  Let us know: we’ve got a special deal for you!

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