New: swackett X and the Undergrad Edition: Too Cool for School!

Now available in the App Store: AGLogic is delighted to announce two new additions to the swackett® product line! Available now, swackett X is our most advanced weather app to date for iPhone. And fore a short time this amazing app is being paired with our new Undergrad Edition, our most stylish swackett edition ever! Both are available for a short time for one low price.

New: swackett X for iPhone

The new swackett X was built from the group up to offer your most requested features:

  • Speed: Our fastest weather app yet!
  • Select Animated Peeps (rain, snow, frosted breath, and plus lots of extra surprises)
  • High-res Weather Photo Backgrounds (optional)
  • NEW! All swackett screens work in any orientation!
  • Preferred Startup Tab: The Ability to select a default tab to always show at launch
  • Longer Radar Animations: 3-hour radar loops (where available)
  • Completely Ad-Free

New: The Undergrad Edition

The Undergrad Edition is something very special: our first fashion edition for swackett!  Created by Hallie Elizabeth, our new Undergrad Edition features a new generation of swackett peeps not only dressed appropriately for the weather, but in color, cuts and styles for today’s classroom setting.

Designed by student for students, special attention has been given to selecting just the right clothing, hair, shoes and accessories for this edition. Also featured are fun facts about school life, tips for dress for the classroom, and weather notes.

The Undergrad Edition features:

• modern hairstyles (more than 50)
• 42 pairs of pants, jeans, shorts and sweatpants
• 32 different pairs of shoes
• 23 coats
• 15 gorgeous time-sensitive backgrounds
• 13 pairs of stylish sunglasses
• 10 jackets
• 9 sweaters
• 8 new hats
• pom poms, berets, scarves, gloves, boots and many other accessories.



Available today: swackett X™ and the new Undergrad Edition for just $1.99 (a 30% discount) only thru September 31st. 

The Undergrad Edition is also available separately as an in-app purchase for only 99 cents. Touch the Settings button in your copy of swackett and then touch Editions to buy.