editions for swackett

the modern edition version 2.0

A modern take on a very classic style: now updated to version 2.0

The Modern Edition is an upgrade to the original Classic Edition based on the passenger/pedestrian symbols produced by AIGA (the professional association for design) and the U.S. Department of Transportation in the early 1970′s.  This new “Modern Edition” is updated with higher resolution artwork and fine detailing — detailing required to show modern-day clothing and accessories.

Modern Edition peeps appear dressed in blue jeans, turtleneck sweaters, hoodies, windbreakers — all modern-day clothing — clothing that features modern touches like a pocket for an iPod or cell phone. Special attention has been paid to styling these peeps for a modern age.

As with the Classic Edition, there is meaning beyond the artwork. When a Modern Edition peep is pictured wearing footwear, the extended meaning is that users should pay attention to what shoes they wear because of poor weather conditions. Men may choose to wear a boot or shoe that is able to get wet. Ladies may opt to wear boots until they arrive at their destination for the day, and then change into a more expensive pump or more comfortable shoe.

Want to see more Modern Edition peeps? Just click the refresh button to the right to view random peeps each dressed appropriately for the weather.


This edition comes standard with every swackett app. It’s available today in all swackett apps — and across all platforms including Mac, iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and modern web browsers.