editions for swackett

the little peeple edition

swackett is used by families with children and in classrooms all over the world, so we designed a special edition of swackett just for our younger users (and those who love them).

Little Peeps are brightly colored, full-color peeps designed to help youngsters get a weather report they can understand in a fun way. Little Peeps always appear dressed appropriately for the weather, and with this edition many times will appear having fun with weather appropriate activities!

Want to see more Little Peeple Edition peeps? Just click the refresh button to the right to view random peeps each dressed appropriately for the weather.


Available today in all swackett apps — and across all platforms including Mac, iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and modern web browsers. Price:$1.29 via the swackett Shop or $0.99 as an in-app purchase. License includes use across all supported swackett apps and up to 10 computers.