Why the Brands of Some of Today’s Weather and Traffic Personalities Are No Accident

Fast-forward 20 years and everyone has the AccuWeather app on his or her phone, or even more sophisticated ones like Swackett that skip the weather step and just tell you what to wear. As for traffic, just open Google Maps on your iPhone and not only will it give you directions, but it will also point out stretches of highway that are overly congested....
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Weather with a Chance for Fun

Swackett, free for iOS and Android, contains detailed weather predictions in graphics and text. But its main feature is a cute infographic display of a stick person wearing clothing appropriate for the current weather. It also contains amusing weather trivia (as in, one inch of rain is equivalent to 15 inches of powdery snow). By Kit Eaton, New York Times
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Apple’s Mac App Store sparks another software gold rush

""There's so much competition in the regular App Store," Gilbert said of Apple's mobile software store and its 300,000 apps. "I thought if we could be there on day one in the Mac App Store, we could rise above the noise." And they did. Swackett was on track to get 100,000 downloads in its first week. The developers are making money from ads, which had been shown 2 million times in six days."

Mark Milian (CNN)

swackett featured on NBC’s TODAY show

Swackett peeps traveled to New York City recently to appear on NBC’s TODAY Show (July 17th) in a special Summer Tech segment by Digitwirl guru Carley Knobloch and TODAY Show hosts Kathy Lee Gifford and Hoda Ktob.

5 Out Of 5 Stars

"Swackett understands that weather is more than a temperature, forecast and radar; it has a big influence on what we do, what we wear and where we go every day. 5 out of 5 Stars."

Jasmine Maki (Grand Forks Herald)

CNBC names swackett a “top app for road warriors”

Most weather apps stop at giving a forecast. This one visually suggests the right apparel for the day. Rain coming? It’ll show an avatar with rain jackets and an umbrella. Sunny? He’ll be wearing sunglasses. It’s an at-a-glance application that gives you just a little bit of your time back — and was named by Apple as one of the best apps of 2011.
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Rain or shine, top 5 weather apps worth having

Rain coming? Sunny? This iOS and Android app visually suggests the right apparel for the day, showing a display of a stick person, or “peeps” wearing clothing appropriate for the current weather, such as rain jackets and an umbrella or shorts and sunglasses. Along with a Sun/UV index, the app also adds a “Dog Walking Index” to tell you whether it’s actually a nice time to go and walk Fido.
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Swackett named one of “50 new tech tools you should know about”

Swackett is delighted to announce that CNN has named swackett as one of “50 new tech tools you should know about”. The article was written by Victor Hernandez and the link to the full article is below.
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The app’s star is its retro-inspired layout that arranges weather information around porthole-inspired windows with graphical, weather-related information. Like its iPhone cousin Swackett, Peepometer illustrates the weather via outfits on stick figure-like “Peeps” and includes various easter eggs throughout the app that can be found by touching and moving various elements.
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