Swackett has always collected and displayed a list of weather watches and warning (where available) for the locations that matter to you — your personal list of locations in Swackett. From your home town to Grandma’s House — we’ve got you covered.

A Look new for iOS 7

In Swackett 2 we’ve redesigned the Watches and Warnings for iOS 7 — making them easier to read and understand on a mobile device.

Watches and Warnings have always been color coded in Swackett based of severity. Watches and general weather statements appear in caution orange while Warnings appearing in bright red.

Now Watches and Warnings appear on the Forecast home screen in Swackett. When touched this vital information appears front and center on your iPhone . You can easily swipe to view active watches and warnings for all of your locations.

Watches and Warnings Outside of the United States

We hear you. You want watches and warnings for your homes out of the US. We’re working on that. We are working with weather providers in Europe and Australia to get this information for you. If you know of a weather provider in your area that we should be talking to — please let us know by posting a comment on this page.

More to Come

There’s much more in Swackett 2! Swackett is even more fun, informative and addictive then ever. Try it for yourself! Coming soon to iOS 7!