app-store-badgeSwackett Lite is a special lightweight version of Swackett — showcasing only the features our users request the very most.  This app is meant to be used on mobile devices where users need weather details at a single glance.  Created specifically for iOS 7, this app features minimalistic design on a beautiful edge-to-edge canvas. Its fun, fast and accurate.

Swackett Lite includes:

  • Swackett  Classic Edition Peeps
  • Forecast temperature ranges for the next 5 days.
  • Swipe support for multiple locations

Swackett Lite also supports color themes — the first of Swackett apps to support this feature. A present Swackett Lite supports 3 color themes:

  • Swackett Orange
  • Swackett Green
  • Swackett Gray

Swackett Lite is available today in English, Spanish, Chinese (Simplified), German, French, Italian, Japanese, Russian, Swedish, Hungarian, Thai and Czech translations.