New in Swackett 2.1! A brand new edition for that person in your life who loves to write code (or loves somebody else who does).

Wake up to a nifty new geek T-shirt every morning — along with your daily weather report!  The new Geek Chic T-Shirt Collection for Swackett features the very best of geek-chic tees with weather appropriate clothing icons that present your the day’s weather report at a glance (and makes you smile at the same time).  Your weather report has never been cooler.

The Geek Chic T-Shirt Collection is free and is now appearing in all Swackett 2 apps.

Don’t care for geek tees?  You can turn this edition off in your Swackett Settings.

If you haven’t yet given our latest apps and editions a test drive — please download it today on the App Store.