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Swackett support is handled via our support portal. If you are having a technical problem, please create a trouble ticket at support.swackett.com.
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swackett® shows you the weather in a fun new way by helping you visualize what you actually use weather information for: to decide how to dress. We've thoughtfully crafted people symbols (called “peeps”) who always appear appropriately dressed for the weather, and we present them in ways that make you smile. The bottom line: If Swackett peeps appear wearing a jacket or carrying an umbrella, you probably should too.

The accuracy of our forecasts is paramount, so we started with the most accurate data available we could find: AccuWeather. We’ve licensed a very special, customized data feed from AccuWeather carefully tuned to give us the specific raw data we need to make your weather forecast easy to understand. Our weather data includes current conditions and forecasts for more than 2 million locations worldwide.
Yes!  Our new product swackett EMBED enables you to embed Swackett in your web site in only a few minutes.
Yes, provided the app platform you are using supports that edition (some editions are not available on all devices). But as a general rule all editions purchased for your swackett sign-in address will automatically become available to all other swackett apps using the same sign-in address.
No. There is nothing to download. Editions are activated for your account: assigned to your swackett sign-in address.

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