Swackett 2: A Whole New Look for iOS 7

Re-imagined and re-written from the ground up for for iOS 7! Our most modern Swackett app to-date now features Weather, Fashion, Fun and Insights.

  • New user interface based on iOS 7 design guidelines. A streamlined and minimalistic design. Bigger, brighter, higher resolution peeps. Stunning image depth and clarity. Edge-to-edge weather visuals. Full 720 HD weather video and animations.
  • High definition People Symbols (peeps) who always appear stylishly dressed for current weather conditions.
  • Don’t Leave Home Without It: Swackett now lets you know which accessories to bring with you when you head outside.
  • New Lifestyle and Heath Indices: From fitness to lawn maintenance to walking your dog — Swackett’s new weather indices let you know which activities are best suited for the weather.
  • Even MORE fun! Mashup games, brain teasers and fun facts are now built directly into the Swackett app.
  • This Day in Weather History is now built into Swackett app, featuring gorgeous high-resolution photography.
  • More social sharing opportunities than ever before!

We’re Good On iOS 6 Too!

We’re all about iOS 7 here at Swackett — but we know many of you will be working with iOS 6 for a little while longer. So we built support for you into this app as well. The iOS 6 experience isn’t quite as magical as iOS 7 — but it is as close as we could make it.

More to Come

There’s much more in Swackett 2! Swackett is even more fun, informative and addictive then ever. Try it for yourself! Coming soon to iOS 7!