Small Business Owners: Promote your business with Swackett® Starting at just $280 per year!

"People check Swackett first thing in the morning to get a handle on the day's weather, swackett is able to suggest fashionable American Eagle clothing options based on current weather conditions for the day. It's a perfect marriage of form and function"."

Brian Franks (Director of Creative at American Eagle Outfitters)
Swackett ad campaigns average a return of 4X the results of typical banners ads.

Swackett apps are just plain FUN. They engage. People use them every day. Your brand gets more attention by association.

We can target your customers locally, regionally, nationally and globally. Check our packages and start a pilot campaign today!

Swackett is the Next Generation of Mobile, Web and Desktop Advertising.

What is the media saying about Swackett? The New York Times, CNN, Los Angeles Times, Mashable.com, Forbes and many more have all covered Swackett — Swackett has even been featured on the TODAY Show!

Special Offer for Small Business Owners (Limited Time)

*Limited Time — You must act now. Special Offer does not apply to art and illustration costs (if needed).

You get a maximum of 4,000 targeted ad impressions within 50 miles of your small business per month — and will usually generate an average of 250 click (6.25% CTR). Impressions are capped at 4K, but extra impressions can be served at the same rate if you choose. This price requires an annual payment of $280 (10 paid months plus 2 free months) after your 30-day trial or you can be billed $28 per month.

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Small Business Owners: Promote your business with Swackett® Starting at just $28 per month!   Get Started Now